Innovative project solutions, grounded in knowledge and expertise, and enhanced by the imagination of architects.

Johnsrud Architects provides professional design services for clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other highly specialized industries. Our projects range from campus-wide strategic planning to highly technical and regulated facilities to corporate spaces such as offices, board rooms, cafeterias, and fitness centers. We create efficient, cost effective environments that enhance the daily experience of people who use the buildings.

At Johnsrud Architects we are dedicated to our projects, regardless of size, and understand the balance between specialized requirements, quality, cost, and schedule. Our work, grounded in knowledge and expertise is coupled with the imagination of architects and consistently delivers creative, effective solutions to our clients' facilities issues.


     ■   John Natsis Promoted to Principal/Owner
              Johnsrud Architects is pleased to announce the promotion of John Natsis to Principal.
     ■   Project Sparta
              Johnsrud Architects is excited to announce the completion of a monumental achievement for a hyper-tracked,
              multi-campus project.
     ■   R&D Alternative Workspace
              Johnsrud Architects is proud to announce the completion of a substantial achievement for a fast-tracked Workplace
              Innovation project supporting corporate Alternative Workspace initiatives.
     ■   R&D Innovation Center
              Johnsrud Architects is proud to announce the completion of a new Innovation Center for research and development
              of new prototypes involving diabetes and blood glucose monitoring devices.