News From Johnsrud Architects

Featured Project: Project Sparta
Johnsrud Architects is excited to announce the completion of a monumental achievement for a hyper-tracked, multi-campus project.

The project included the construction and relocation of over 60,000 SF of life sciences, laboratory administrative space, and site improvements. The project schedule was accelerated to enable the client to vacate an entire campus without any lease penalty extensions. Within the project timeline, the program defined and aligned key business-driven workflow adjacencies, taking one campus and redistributing the functions across two. Meanwhile, enabling moves were defined, aligned, and executed in a critical, strategic logic. Continue reading...

Featured Project: R&D Alternative Workspace
Johnsrud Architects is proud to announce the completion of a substantial achievement for a fast-tracked Workplace Innovation project supporting corporate Alternative Workspace initiatives.

The project assessed corporate guidelines to create a variety of flexible gathering and workspaces for laboratory staff. The project area was divided into two functional areas: a quiet “heads down” space and a “collaborative” open meeting area. This new alternative workspace environment includes a café-style kitchenette, flexible open meeting space, collaborative seating and workspaces; multiple meeting spaces, a media-scape room, and multiple private quiet rooms. Our services included programming with senior leadership teams and R&D representatives, design, and construction administration of 3,000 SF of innovative administrative workspaces. Continue reading...

Featured Project: Malvern Cafe
Johnsrud Architects is excited to announce the completion of a cafeteria renovation that redefined its functionality to promote gathering, socialization, and liveliness during off-peak hours.

This project began as an assessment to define the most appropriate approach to upgrading existing office buildings. Cost estimates and design concepts were developed to evaluate the return on investment and impact for the Main Lobby, the Office areas and the cafeteria. Continue reading...

Featured Project: R&D Innovation Center
Johnsrud Architects is proud to announce the completion of a new Innovation Center for research and development of new prototypes involving diabetes and blood glucose monitoring devices.

The new Innovation Center included workrooms and collaboration areas which were a mix of new spaces and relocated areas from another campus. The new spaces include a 3D Model Shop, a Testing and Electronics Workroom, and other Research and Development workrooms. Adjacent existing conferencing spaces were enhanced with whiteboard paint and monitors to promote collaboration. Continue reading...