A Unique Process for Pharma Manufacturing

Proactive planning for improved manufacturing

Johnsrud Architects applies a specialized approach to designing projects with a manufacturing component. We understand our clients' business objectives and design facilities that will provide compliant and efficient workflows and be implemented quickly.

Our approach includes the following:

   ■  Efficient space planning for segregation and process flow improvements
   ■  Compliance with FDA and European Union GMP standards
   ■  Phased construction in operating facilities to prevent downtime or contamination
   ■  Knowledge and integration of utilities for present and anticipated future needs
   ■  BIM for streamlined modeling, analysis, design, and construction
   ■  Clash detection and device placement

With our experience and focus on project outcomes, the team at Johnsrud Architects offers a specialized, proactive approach that helps our manufacturing clients address the unique issues that challenge their projects.
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