Corporate: Amenity Spaces

Fitness Center Toilet Room & Locker Room Renovation
1,700 SF

   ■  The existing campus fitness center was outdated and worn, yet fulfilled a very important function to the corporate community. These renovations provided a fresh and modern look to the essential function, and helped the client encourage health and well-being.
   ■  Upgrades included solid surface countertops, antimicrobial shower bases, energy efficient and water saving fixtures, as well as accessibly designed showers, lockers and toilet rooms.

Malvern Cafe
5,800 SF

   ■  Detailed design of express cafe, lounge, dining room seating, and servery, with upgrades to equipment, furniture, lighting, materials, and finishes
   ■  Lounge defined in the curve of the front facade of the building with a new enclosure and different finishes than the remainder of the cafeteria
   ■  New condiment station defines the space between newly designed servery and dining room and features custom millwork to match the new enclosures to the lounge

Fitness Center
8,000 SF

   ■  JA has designed fitness centers for a range of campus populations and found a balance of activities that has proven successful
   ■  The environment is a integral aspect of the fitness regimen so natural light, colors, ceiling heights and space shapes are arranged to create a stimulating facility

R&D Campus Lobby & Wall of Fame
3,300 SF

   ■  Renovation and upgrade of a 50 year old complex integrated new technologies for data, security, lighting, and communications with contemporary materials and finishes
   ■  Architectural features included custom-designed display systems, a new reception desk and lobby furniture and finishes, as well as architectural ceiling elements and specialty lighting

5,000 SF

   ■  JA has fit-out and renovated cafeterias for our clients on numerous campuses. Our understanding of the client’s culture and their activities gave us the knowledge needed to design environments unique to the specific client organization.
   ■  Each cafeteria offers an environment for a range of activities
   ■  Selected cafeteria layout & finishes define & reinforce those activities