Featured Projects

R&D Innovation Center
Location: Chesterbrook, PA
Construction Budget: $2,200,000.00+
Project Size: 10,000 SF
Design Team:
     ■  MEP-FP: Genesis Engineers
     ■  Construction: HSC Builders & Construction Managers
Johnsrud Architects is proud to announce the completion of a new Innovation Center for research and development of new prototypes involving diabetes and blood glucose monitoring devices.

The new Innovation Center included workrooms and collaboration areas which were a mix of new spaces and relocated areas from another campus. The new spaces include a 3D Model Shop, a Testing and Electronics Workroom, and other Research and Development workrooms. Adjacent existing conferencing spaces were enhanced with whiteboard paint and monitors to promote collaboration. The project included programming with senior leaders and representatives, conceptual planning, design development, and construction administration services.

Other specialty services included:

   ■  Design and construction of a relocated call center, which included a new UPS back up system and confidentially requirements.
   ■  Overall blocking and stacking of the entire building to support company space management initiatives.
   ■  Conceptual options for enhancing collaboration in other areas of the building, which included a new Innovation Café, and multiple “think tanks” and teaming areas.