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R&D Administrative Expansion
This project's details are currently confidential.

Johnsrud Architects is pleased to announce that a Research & Development expansion project is entering the construction phase.

This project is a response to an internal master planning effort and intends to consolidate portions of existing research and development operations into one campus building. A major goal is to unite multiple groups under one roof to facilitate their daily collaboration. This will be achieved through a master plan of multiple additions and interior renovations to the existing facility designed to minimize project costs, limit impact to ongoing operations, and reduce constraints to future expansion of the facility.

The client's requirements and objectives were gathered during three rounds of programming meetings with the user groups that will be occupying and utilizing various areas throughout the building program and facility upgrades. Existing infrastructure including utilities and building construction has been addressed as well to meet the new occupant and code requirements and deliver improved operability during the extended building life.

The proposed project scope includes minor interior renovation work and a new building addition. Unlike a new facility design, existing building renovations require detailed survey of existing conditions and limitations of space. Extensive design team knowledge of the existing facility eased efforts throughout the design process and helped to define the constraints within the project areas. Construction activities will be adjacent to and within an existing facility that is required to remain in operation during these activities and will have program-wide sensitivity.

Multiple exterior façade options that analyzed different materials and layout schemes were reviewed with the client. Materials from brick to metal panels to glazing types were evaluated in detail with the team. These studies were facilitated by the use of building information modeling to improve dialogue and communication between members of the project team. The proposed two-story addition provides an architecturally identifiable and secure entrance to the newly combined building addition, as well as an atrium to encourage movement between the two office floors. This space will capture views of the adjacent park and allow daylight to filter through the new open office space and into the existing building environment. The building will also provide a new face to the complex due to its proximity to the parking lot and proposed height.

Construction of this project is anticipated to be complete by the end of January 2017.