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About Us
Johnsrud Architects provides professional design services for clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other highly specialized industries. Our projects range from campus-wide strategic planning to highly technical and regulated facilities to corporate spaces such as offices, board rooms, cafeterias, and fitness centers. We create efficient, cost effective environments that enhance the daily experience of people who use the buildings.

At Johnsrud Architects we are dedicated to our projects, regardless of size, and understand the balance between specialized requirements, quality, cost, and schedule. Our work, grounded in knowledge and expertise is coupled with the imagination of architects and consistently delivers creative, effective solutions to our clients' facilities issues.

Science & Technology Specialists
Our proficiency and success in science and technology facilities results in our repeated involvement in the planning and design of these specialized and complex projects.

Specialized "skill sets" that establish our prominence in the industry are:
■  Knowledge and understanding of scientific operations, building systems required to support them, and guidelines and regulations that govern them.
■  Appreciation for potential hazards inherent in these facilities and methods to mitigate them.
■  A wide range of successful projects to insure the appropriate solution is provided for each client.
■  Design talent to create workable options to address user, manager, contractor, and designer preferences.
■  Successful execution of projects with added complexity of working within an existing building around on-going operations.

Sustainable Philosophy
At Johnsrud Architects our view of sustainability begins with respect for the limited resources of our planet. We follow a conservative approach to deliver successful designs that have a minimal impact on the world.

Our approach to all aspects of planning and design is to understand a client’s objective and find the best solution through sustainable means. From defining design criteria to selecting materials with specific characteristics, conservative or sustainable approaches and features are incorporated into the projects we design.

Our view of sustainability applies to the design of laboratories, production facilities, and even offices. In all projects, the flexibility to accommodate changing initiatives or requirements is considered so that the impact due to future changes is minimized. The reduction in materials and the effort – and the costs – to renovate facilities for new functions is a significant benefit to our clients and a primary feature of sustainability.

Johnsrud Architects is dedicated to our clients’ sustainability goals from proposal to post-occupancy. Our in-house LEED guidance and benchmarking tools identify potential opportunities and prioritize them while balancing costs and logistics.

Our method is to incorporate sustainable products into our specifications, challenge our engineers to implement energy efficient systems, and integrate green practices into our workflow. While certification is a worthy objective, projects need not be certified to reap benefits from the flexibility inherent in a sustainable design approach. Integrating sustainability at a project’s core is good for the world.

Sustainable: characterized as being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged