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2016 & 2017 Firm Fostering Emerging Professional Recognition
At Johnsrud Architects our approach is to bring recent graduates and young aspiring architects on-board and provide focused experience and training on projects. The projects, varying in size from very small to large, afford us the opportunity to assign staff consistent with their experience, their need for AXP (IDP) credit hours, and their willingness to accept responsibility for tasks new to them. The goal is to avoid repetitive tasks ensuring progress in training as well as providing an interesting and challenging work experience.
AXP Policies
   ■  All licensure-eligible Architectural Emerging Professionals have established an NCARB Record and are registered with the Architectural Experience Program (AXP).
   ■  Providing emerging professionals with an annual and comprehensive review.
   ■  AXP supervisors and mentors in our firm verify that all records are accurate before signing each emerging professional's experience report.
   ■  AXP supervisors and mentors in our firm have knowledge of current AXP Guidelines and the requirements for registration in the jurisdiction.
   ■  Providing opportunities for supplemental experience via activities in addition to emerging professionals' routine work assignments.
   ■  Facilitating accumulating AXP experience hours in all experience areas through exposure to projects at various stages.

   ■  Encouraging emerging professionals to be involved in a committee and/or professional affiliation within or outside of the firm.
   ■  Working to engage emerging professionals in the entire project duration from conception through completion.
   ■  Providing a variety of project experiences to expose emerging professionals to a broad range of responsibilities and challenges.
   ■  Supporting our AXP supervisors and mentors to effectively lead the development of emerging professional skills and talents.
   ■  Including emerging professionals in all areas of the firm's practice such as presentations, client meetings, consultant coordination meetings, job site meetings, code reviews, etc.

   ■  Providing reimbursement and/or leave to attend seminars and conferences.
   ■  Compensating emerging professionals fairly and generously, recognizing their completion of a professional degree in architecture and professional experience.
   ■  Emphasizing the necessity to prepare for and complete the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) in a timely manner.
   ■  Publicly recognizing newly licensed architects upon successful completion of the ARE® and fulfillment of state requirements.
   ■  Providing administrative and technical support, including furnishing of resources, study materials, and practice exams.
   ■  Reimbursing emerging professionals a minimum of 50% of the cost for each division passed.
   ■  Offering emerging professionals paid time off to take each ARE® division.
   ■  Making an effort to provide flexible scheduling; recognizing the importance of the time spent outside of the office.