What Sustainability Means to Us

Environmental responsibility and sustainable design are our priorities

Johnsrud Architects is dedicated to our clients' sustainability goals from proposal to post-occupancy. Our in-house LEED guidance and benchmarking tools identify potential opportunities and prioritize them while balancing costs and logistics. Continue reading our Sustainable Philosophy

Bamboo Path
Green Roof Plan

We incorporate sustainable products into our specifications, challenge our engineers to implement energy efficient systems, and integrate green practices into our workflow. Projects don't need to be certified to reap the benefits of sustainable design.

Read about how Johnsrud Architects puts our sustainable philosophy into action in our own office.

Codes and requirements are always evolving.

Learn how we can help understand the differences between LEED 2009 and LEED v4.

Whether large or small, all projects benefit from conscientious material selection.

View our new corporate amenity projects.

Julia Andrulewich, LEED AP manages sustainability initiatives including feasibility, materials, and credential documentation.

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