Cacace & Associates, Morrisville, PA

Bridge Street Redevelopment and Renaissance Plaza

  • The redevelopment of Bridge Street in Morrisville has been a goal for the community. Input from the public has demonstrated their concern for the potential impact new buildings may have on the historic main street
  • Local developer Cacace & Associates created Renaissance Plaza on Bridge Street to initiate redevelopment of the borough’s main street with new retail and office space
  • JA designed a building that would fit well with the traditional character of the historic structures in the town but appeal to the business owners who desire a clean contemporary aesthetic

Penn Jersey Real Properties, LLC, Morrisville, PA

Proposed Gateway Plaza

  • A three story, 50,000 SF speculative development proposed on Bridge Street within 100 yards of arrival in Pennsylvania from the “Trenton Makes, the World Takes” bridge across the Delaware River
  • Building's character recalls the traditional masonry factories of this "old steel town" while also implying the technology of the likely tenants

Casino Tony Goes, Morrisville, PA

Proposed Gateway Plaza

  • Conversion of a former branch bank in a shopping center into a full service restaurant
  • JA worked with the client to establish an image for the "next generation" restaurant that was grounded in the family restaurant in Trenton