Research & Development Laboratories

Science & Technology

Project Sparta

Project Sparta

  • Hyper-tracked, multi-campus construction and relocation of life sciences, laboratory administrative space, and site improvements on accelerated schedule
  • Program defined and aligned key business-driven workflow adjacencies, taking one campus and redistributing the functions across two
  • Defined, aligned, and executed enabling moves in a critical, strategic logic
  • Innovative solutions serve to create environments that allow for the flexibility of their undefined future
R&D Innovation Center

R&D Innovation Center

  • Design and construction of a relocated call center, including a new UPS back up system and confidentiality requirements
  • New spaces and relocated areas from another campus, including 3D model shop, testing and electronics workroom, and research and development workrooms
  • Conceptual options for enhancing collaboration in other areas of the building, such as Innovation Cafe, multiple "think tanks", and teaming areas
Pilot Plant

Pilot Plant

  • Assessed corporate guidelines to create a variety of flexible gathering and workspaces for laboratory staff
  • Two functional areas: quiet "heads down" space and collaborative open meeting area
  • Cafe-style kitchenette, flexible open meeting space, collaborative seating and workspaces: multiple meeting spaces, media-scape room, multiple private quiet rooms
Biology Laboratory

New Discovery Laboratory Building: Biology Laboratory

  • Fixed work area for biologists organized in therapeutic teams
  • Large open area for mobile carts and equipment
  • Overhead utilities for complete flexibility in center of the lab
  • Dedicated tissue culture and shared equipment rooms at the core and offices on the outside perimeter
Process Chemistry Labs and Support

Multi-Phase Renovation: Process Chemistry Labs And Support

  • Medicinal chemistry labs, support spaces, and scientist offices
  • Glasswash expansion, new receiving area, & maintenance shop
  • Modular laboratory infrastructure approach for HVAC services to align with per phase funding
  • New infrastructure including air, piped, and power systems