JA offers traditional architecture and project management services for new buildings as well as additions and renovations to existing facilities. We partner with engineering consultants for each project on the basis of their experience and tailor the approach of the A/E team to the needs of each client and each project.

While our specialty is the more complex science and technology facilities such as R&D labs, scale-ups, and production operations, we typically have been called on to provide other types of projects to these same clients. Our commercial projects for these corporate facilities include offices, conference centers, cafeterias, data centers and fitness centers.

3D Site Model


Defining the owner's needs combined with a conceptual plan for the project is absolutely critical to the success of any project, but particularly important to science and technology facilities. JA has the experience and perspective to provide the all important programming and planning services to our clients necessary before documentation can even begin.

Planning services include programming, blocking and stacking, and laboratory planning. Reports provided in the design process or separately as a planning effort include Statement of Design Criteria, Basis of Design, and Basis of Estimate. Expansion of these studies into feasibility reports for project justifications typically includes facility evaluations, conceptual cost estimates, construction phasing, and occupancy planning.

Production Planning Diagram