Interiors at Johnsrud Architects go beyond the selection of color palettes and furnishings. An essential part of every client’s overall operation, our interiors’ proficiency defines the area and satisfies the intended function. We enhance the experience of a space.

JA works closely with clients to deliver creative, pleasing, and flexible spaces. We are experienced in providing office workspaces, collaborative meeting rooms, and amenity spaces, which include cafeterias, kitchenettes, lobbies, auditoriums, core, and fitness areas. JA has designed office workspaces that include traditional, formal offices in hierarchical environments, but we are excited to be involved in Alternative Workspace strategies that offer unassigned, flexible, and collaborative open office concepts. Whatever the desired operation, JA can help define the interior solution.

Our interior project sizes can range from “fit and finish” upgrades to full interior renovations and space planning. With architecture as our core, JA will also address the latest codes and ADA requirements as required within each interior design. Projects can vary from an initial concept through design and construction administration services.

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