Hidden Line Views

Hidden Line Views Rendering

Johnsrud Architects can break the boundaries of 2D plans by producing hidden line views for new spaces or renovation. Using a hidden line view is a cost-effective solution that allows visualization of the underlying design structure of a 3D plan without the added the lead time of full photo-realistic rendering.

When a project has a tight budget or requires an expedited turnaround time, hidden line views are the perfect informative option.

Shaded Views

Shaded Views Rendering

When greater graphical detail is desired, surface textures can be added after completion of the initial hidden line rendering to create striking shaded views.

Shaded views are the perfect middle-ground between hidden line and photo-realistic views. This view requires less time and fee than photo-realistic views, but offers a greater amount of information than hidden line views.

Shaded-Realistic Views

Shaded-Realistic Views Rendering

When specific materials and finishes are requested, but time and fee is limited, shaded-realistic renderings can be a good alternative option. This is a model view similar to the shaded view (above), but with materials applied. Materials can be applied either by color (like paint) or with specific images related to corporate branding or more "three-dimensional" finishes (like a stone wall). This model view is considered an additional service, since materials still need to be selected and applied, but can be a quicker to create than a photo-realistic rendering.

Photo-Realistic Views

Photo-Realistic View Rendering

Photo-realistic views generate fully rendered representations of spaces with all lighting and textures applied. The added time and fee for producing photo-realistic models can potentially save clients thousands of dollars by creating a space virtually to preview aesthetic choices and practical functionality.

Photo-realistic views are the best option for use in advertising, open houses, trade shows, and formal presentations.

Photo-Realistic Examples

Presentation Boards

Presentation Boards Rendering

Presentation Boards are the perfect solution for clients’ that need a physical representation of their space beyond an on-screen digital rendering. Johnsrud Architects combines 3-D views and 2-D floor plans into eye-catching layouts that are mounted on foam core. Our presentation boards are both informative and aesthetically pleasing, which is why so many of our clients bring them to investors, board meetings, trade shows, township permit applications or hang them in lobbies and offices.

Animated Walk-Throughs

Animated walk-throughs help visualize forms, construction, and space of proposed new spaces and renovations. Johnsrud Architects can provide a 360-degree view, as well as elevations, plans and cross-sections using hidden line, shaded, or shaded-realistic models. Animated walk-throughs give clients a realistic sneak peek of a space to ensure their satisfaction before a single brick is laid.

These presentations can be viewed on desktop or laptop computers, uploaded to the internet for remote viewing, or mass manufactured as playable DVDs for distribution at conferences, trade shows, or meetings. Johnsrud Architects can also optimize walk-throughs for use on websites or lobby and trade show displays.