Humans of JA

Starting this summer, we are going to post about our exceptional team members and highlight their contributions to the firm. These #humansofJA make our projects successful and we want to celebrate their accomplishments.

Julianne Reymer is a graduate of Marywood University and has been with us since June 2015. She is an interior designer who leads many of the corporate office and amenity space projects. She is also part of the marketing team and created our company Instagram account.

One thing Julianne enjoys about working here is her coworkers: "Our personalities all click and we're like a big family here." She also appreciates the value the firm places on education and the opportunities for each person to grow and learn. Julianne has observed first-hand how that emphasis on learning pays off. "I'm constantly amazed by our team members' knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. It's impressive how much each person knows about the science, codes, and standards."

Growing up, Julianne was able to participate in renovations of her family home and express her opinions and design ideas. Her love for interior design started at a young age, although there was once a time when she wanted to be a crime scene investigator. Julianne is inspired by the interior design industry as a whole, and is responsible for keeping the rest of the firm informed of trends that will affect the way we serve our clients. "The key to being successful in this profession is to be organized, have good time management skills, and communicate clearly." It's no surprise that Julianne identified OneNote as the Microsoft Office program she would be if she had to choose. "OneNote is arranged by tabs, which is how I mentally organize my thoughts too." A personal and professional goal she is actively working towards achieving is National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) Certification.

Outside of JA, Julianne spends her time socializing with friends and family, traveling, and planning her wedding, which will take place next spring. Wedding planning has provided another creative outlet to experiment with decor, some of which she has fashioned herself by upcycling different materials. Julianne is always up for an adventure, and after her wedding she's keeping an open mind about skydiving, running a marathon, learning more about photography, and world travel. When we asked what color she would be, Julianne immediately selected "hot pink," which fits perfectly with her bright personality. We're fortunate to have Julianne on our team, and excited to see what the future holds for her!

Matthew Wermuth joined JA in July 2015 through his connection with Senior Associate Jim Leigh (now retired). He is a project manager and coordinator who has been a positive addition to the firm. "I guess you can say I do a little bit of everything," says Matthew. His attention to detail makes him an excellent leader for documenting building façade and envelope upgrades, roof replacements, and other projects of a highly technical nature. Projects large and small all receive the same level of attention, and on one client campus alone he has worked in more than sixteen different buildings!

Growing up, he had never considered a career in architecture, but was drawn to the profession due to his drawing skills and aptitude for problem solving. Architecture ended up being the perfect field for his skill set. "My favorite things about working here are the people, the atmosphere, and the level of detail in the work. Our projects are extremely complex, which can be scary but gives me something to strive for."

Matthew's biggest motivator is meeting his projects' deadlines, and his understanding of our clients' goals is what keeps his projects on target. "Hitting a deadline is so crucial. If you miss one, it can throw everything off for the rest of the project. Working with clients inspires me. Helping them achieve their goals is where you can see your hard work pay off." Aside from clients, Matthew is inspired by his daughters. "I have two daughters and my priority outside of work is making sure they get where they want to go in life."

For fun we asked what Microsoft Office program he would be if he had to choose, and Matthew responded, "Oh, you guys were serious about that question!" quickly followed by "Microsoft Word. It's a multipurpose program and usable for a lot of different tasks." This ties in with Matthew's aspiration to develop the firm's and his own communication skills. As architects, our profession is dependent on communicating clearly and accurately through our documents. "It's not as easy as making a phone call so people can understand what you're trying to say. They have to be able to see it come to life on paper too."

Outside of JA, Matthew is an avid fisherman. He has recently taken up fly fishing and is excited to continue pursuing this hobby. His advice for anyone interested in becoming a successful architect is "You have to be thorough, dedicated, and have good communication skills." We're lucky to have Matthew as part of our team!

Ryan Andrulewich is a project architect who has been with the firm since his thesis year at Drexel in 2011. In 2015 he was promoted to Associate to recognize his abilities to balance function, quality, cost, and schedule for some of our most highly specialized spaces. Ryan currently leads our internal BIM team, improving services to our clients though 3D visualization and data management. He is an active member of the AIA and contributes to sustainable design as a LEED AP BD+C accredited professional.

"My favorite recent project is a CAR-T lab because the end result is a space that improves the quality of people's lives. The project was all about helping the client to develop innovate therapies to cure cancer using the patient’s T-Cells. Our specialized services enable that work to take place and can improve the cost of development for these therapies." Given this insight, it's not much of surprise that when asked what type of work he would be doing if not in the science and technology sector, he responded with "affordable, sustainable housing and reuse of existing urban structures."

"The best part of this job is that it allows you to travel and have direct interaction with the users. The positive interactions with and feedback from clients are so rewarding. We have a great team at Johnsrud, and the people here make coming into work worthwhile." Outside of work, you'll likely find Ryan doing "outdoorsy" stuff, like hiking or skiing, in keeping with his background as an Eagle Scout, and fundraising activities like the Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics Delaware, which he will do for the tenth time in 2020. "My personal email included 'skidevil,' and I accidentally sent my resume to JA using that address when I applied for the job." Ryan grew up in Central New Jersey and has lived in Philadelphia since attending Drexel. He and his wife are currently renovating a South Philly rowhouse built in 1911.

Ryan's ability to adapt to change and his positive perspective have made him so successful here at JA. Ryan takes the initiative to learn about his clients' processes and approaches each project with an understanding of both the design and business objectives. Ryan will continue to lead projects, grow and maintain client relationships, mentor our staff, and guide our BIM execution plan.