Humans of JA

Starting this summer, we are going to post about our exceptional team members and highlight their contributions to the firm. These #humansofJA make our projects successful and we want to celebrate their accomplishments.

Ryan AndrulewichMatthew WermuthJulianne ReymerJulia Cauller

Mao ShiJoshua VanderVeenTheresa KramerMarat KanafinMariem Hakim

Madalyn WaltersGaurav GuruAdmir SabljicRori Wade

Julia Andrulewich is a graduate of Drexel University who joined Johnsrud Architects in November 2012. Julia is our project support administrator, LEED specialist, materials library manager, and marketing team leader. Julia's project support duties include graphic design, evacuation and wayfinding signage, and hazardous material inventory analyses.

Julia's degree is in architecture, but her passion has always been for the personalities in the field, which made her an ideal candidate for the support position we needed at JA. "This path has been like a 'Create Your Own Adventure' story. My job is fairly open-ended which means I'm not locked into doing the same type of work every day unless I want to. I have the freedom to research topics related to the project work we do to keep everyone informed and able to be as productive as possible."

Growing up, Julia always had a fascination with making "maps" of her house, which became some of her earliest floor plan drawings. Architecture was a unique career choice that nobody in her family had pursued, and after a summer program at Drexel, her ideas about being a teacher or marine biologist went out the window.

Outside of JA, Julia has been taking coursework related to American Sign Language interpreting and the Deaf community. With inspiration from her sister and support from her family, she is going back to school to learn new skills to help her grow as a person. She enjoys volunteering at community events and is always filling her schedule with opportunities to meet people and help when she can. She doesn't have much of a bucket list because when she has her mind set on accomplishing something she makes it happen, like visiting Australia and New Zealand and holding a koala.

Julia constantly advances our capabilities by developing new tools and workflows. We're fortunate to have her as a part of our team!

Mariem Hakim is an architectural designer and Temple University graduate who joined JA in May of this year after meeting fellow Temple alumni at a career fair. Mariem recently became a LEED Green Associate and is working toward taking the architectural registration exams.

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Rori Wade has been part of our team since the fall of 2016, following his graduation from New Jersey Institute of Technology. Rori is a designer who provides project support for many of our laboratory and manufacturing projects.

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Julia Cauller is a Temple University graduate who has been with JA since the summer of 2013. She works as an architectural lead and BIM coordinator, and is in the process of completing her Architectural Registration Exams.

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Marat Kanafin is a Temple University graduate who joined JA in the fall of 2014 after being introduced to us by another team member, Julia Cauller. Marat is an architectural designer who has been transitioning into a project lead role.

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Admir Sabljic has been part of the JA team since the spring of 2017 following completion of the Master of Architecture program at Temple University. Here at JA he works closely with our project leads as an architectural designer to document our pharmaceutical projects.

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Gaurav Guru is a Temple University graduate who joined JA in the spring of 2018 after seeing our display and meeting our Temple alumni at a career fair. He is an architectural designer who is working towards taking the architectural registration exams.

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Madalyn Walters is about to begin her final semester of the Corporate Communications program at Penn State Abington. She has been with us since May of this year, and will be wrapping up her internship in the next few weeks. Luckily for us, Madalyn will be checking in during her semester to continue the work she's been doing with our administrative team.

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Theresa Kramer is a graduate of Philadelphia University and has been with JA since March 2012 as a designer and project lead. She became an associate of the firm in January of 2017.

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Joshua VanderVeen is a Philadelphia University graduate and an architectural lead who joined us in September 2017. He is currently pursuing his architectural license.

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Mao Shi has been part of our team since the fall of 2016, following his graduation from Drexel University. Mao is an architectural designer who works on our laboratory and manufacturing projects from the design phase through construction administration.

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Julianne Reymer is a graduate of Marywood University and has been with us since June 2015. She is an interior designer who leads many of the corporate office and amenity space projects. She is also part of the marketing team and created our company Instagram account.

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Matthew Wermuth joined JA in July 2015 through his connection with Senior Associate Jim Leigh (now retired). He is a project manager and coordinator who has been a positive addition to the firm. "I guess you can say I do a little bit of everything," says Matthew.

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Ryan Andrulewich is a project architect who has been with the firm since his thesis year at Drexel in 2011. In 2015 he was promoted to Associate to recognize his abilities to balance function, quality, cost, and schedule for some of our most highly specialized spaces. Ryan currently leads our internal BIM team, improving services to our clients though 3D visualization and data management.

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